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Childsplay's Many Fiddlers' Disparate Backgrounds Unite In A Joyful, Virtuosic Whole On 'Waiting For The Dawn'

Childsplay Gives U2's "Mothers Of The Disappeared" Celtic Treatment

Childsplay, Twenty-One Piece Folk Orchestra Of Fiddlers And Fiddlemaker, Examines The Relationship Between Voice And Violin On New Album 'Waiting For The Dawn' (Out June 23rd)

"The sound of the new Childsplay album is very lifelike. One can really hear the beautiful sounds of the violins in the actual room in which it was recorded. Well Done!"

—Bob Ludwig

Bob Ludwig, has mastered countless Gold and Platinum award winning recordings, from the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits...to Coldplay. His very first Grammy Award was in the 1960's for that wonderful Nonesuch Swedish fiddle recording that made such a huge impact and helped launch fiddle music out into the audio world.