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About Us



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Mission Statement

Purpose and Values
The mission of Childsplay Inc. is to create an instructive bridge between our audiences and the rich tapestry that is our heritage of traditional music and dance. Unencumbered by commercial or corporate agendas, we provide a direct link to human traditions of creative expression, cooperation, and community. Our audiences are inspired and encouraged to become active partners in traditional arts.

Principal Activities
1. Our activities take the form of concert performances, community dance performances, instructive workshops, and classroom educational opportunities, drawing our inspiration from music played on the violin.

2. The violin is an instrument that has reached its final evolutionary form and appears in cultures throughout the world. And because the members of Childsplay Inc. all play on violins made by a single violinmaker, we offer a unique window into some of the heritage and mystery of this particular instrument.

3. Featuring virtuoso players, Childsplay Inc. presents musical styles ranging from classical violin music to various styles of traditional  fiddle  music.   As  an   integral

component of community music, various dance forms are also represented in our work. Additionally, the presence of a mother/daughter and father/son pairing of members underscores our reflection of strong community values and our participation in the intergenerational transmission of culture.

4. Childsplay has published a book of music for string ensemble along with a companion CD. Childsplay has also released three other CDs over a ten-year period. We plan to publish more books and record additional CDs in the future.

Non-Profit Status
The founder of the Childsplay concerts, violinmaker Robert Childs, created Childsplay Inc. as a means by which larger and more diverse audiences may be entertained and educated by our work. During our twenty-two years of performing and teaching, with our commitment to making our presentations accessible and affordable, Childsplay has always required subsidies. Childsplay Inc. has been organized as a non-profit corporation with the intention of qualifying under code 501c(3) to increase our eligibility for grants and for tax-deductible contributions to support our educational activities.