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Fiddler Magazine

  Here is a story on Bob and the band in Harvard Magazine.

Check out the Video Interviews on WGBH's Greater Boston or
on Conversation with Maine.

The Bluegrass Special - "Waiting for the Dawn" Review - July 2009

Boston Irish Reporter - "Waiting for the Dawn" Review - July 2009

"Robert M. Childs Makes Connections in Music," Strings Magazine, May 2001

"The Art and Individuality of Violin Making," Fiddler Magazine, Spring 2000

"Fiddler on the Couch," Fortune Small Business, 4/1/2004

"Behind Every Great Fiddler," The Christian Science Monitor, 7/26/2007

"Sharing a Passion for Fiddles, Maker," The Boston Globe, 12/5/2002

"The Strings that Bind," The Boston Globe, 12/8/1999

"Bob Childs Interview," (audio clip), The World - WBUR, December 2004

"Detär Bob somstårförfiolerna," Lira Magazine, Sept 1996

"Group Doesn't Just Fiddle Around," Portland Press Herald, 12/13/1999

"Take a Bow, Bob," Portland Press Herald, Monday Magazine, 12/6/1999

Pamphlet on Bob's Violinmaking